I have a food allergy, where can I eat?

There is a detailed list of allergens outside all eateries. We also recommend that you always ask staff for more detailed information before ordering on the day.

Eating in one of our buffets, like Family Buffet, can be a good idea, as this gives you many different options. 

Most of our restaurants have a gluten free option. In the Family Buffet,  Italian Pizza Pasta, Grill House, Saloonen, Knights' Restaurant and Polar Pizza & Pasta, we offer to make a gluten free pizza per request (please note that these are not made in a separate oven). 

We offer lactose and gluten free popsicles the following places:

  • I'sCream
  • Grill House
  • Saloon
  • Knights Restaurant
  • Snack House

We offer vegan ice cream options at Adventure Supply Camp. 

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