I have a food allergy, where can I eat?

At all fastfood stalls and restaurants in LEGOLAND® and on the website you will find a detailed allergen list, which you can read before you order your food.

In several of our restaurants, it is possible to get gluten-free food. Gluten-free dishes are available in the Family Buffet and our Saloon. In Polar Pizza & Pasta, Grill House, Italian Pizza & Pasta, Burger Kitchen, Outpost Grill and Mexican Cantina we make gluten-free varieties to order.

Please note that we prepare the food in the same kitchens, and therefore we cannot guarantee that the food is 100% free of gluten and other allergens.

We offer lactose-free, gluten-free, vegan or sugar-free popsicles at IsCream, Western Sweets and Adventure Supply Camp.

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